407 Visa Internships

Work and Learn in Australia on a PAID Internship!!

What is a 407 Visa Internship?

The Training visa (subclass 407) is for people who want to come to Australia on a temporary basis to participate in occupational training or professional development.

Access Training and Logistics assists people to obtain sponsorship to participate in workplace-based occupational training through a paid Internship of up to 2 years.

Through our Internships, we offer foreign nationals with an opportunity to live and work in Australia to extend and enhance their skills in occupations such as hospitality and trades.

This program is an ideal stepping stone for people graduating from a CRICOS college or applicants with overseas qualifications or limited experience.


Which Occupations?

Internships are available across a wide range of occupations such as Hospitality, Hairdressing and Traditional Trades. Check out the current list of occupations here: eligible occupations list.


How does it work?

ATL is an approved sponsor under the 407 Training Visa program. We can help your employer or prospective employer to become a sponsor.

The first step in the process is a FREE 407 visa eligibility assessment by a registered migration agent.

Where an applicant meets eligibility criteria, we will arrange sponsorship for a 407 visa and facilitate the paid Internship.

Where an Intern does not already have an employer, we will match them to an appropriate Employer. We will work with them and the Employer to develop and deliver a structured training program within their chosen field.

As part of our placement process, we work with Interns and Employers to achieve the right fit – we will match Interns to a suitable employer and workplace so that the experience is beneficial for all round.

The application for the nomination and visa is completed – the visa application can either done by the applicant or a migration agent – this is up to the applicant.

On notification that the application has been successful, the Internship can commence.


What does it pay

Interns are employed for a minimum of 30 hours a week at award wages for the duration of their Internship.

For information about wages and conditions, visit the Fair Work Australia website


Who is eligible?

Applicants can be either already in Australia under another visa or apply from overseas. Key eligibility criteria include:

For more information about 407 visa conditions and eligibility refer to the Department of Home Affairs website


Check out our brochures for more information:

Employer Information

Intern Information


Whether you are an overseas resident looking to spend time in Australia, or an employer looking for motivated, highly skilled staff, the benefits of an ATL Internship are vast! Express your interest today!

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